We will formalize the necessary customs documents for your cargo. Send us your current cargo documents and we will calculate the cost of customs clearance. Consultation is free!

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Stages of work

Leave a request for cargo transportation from and to Russia and Uzbekistan through any of the following ways: on our website, by calling our contact center or through a representative, at the office of the transport company. Attach all the necessary documents for the cargo, indicate whether you need the pick up of cargo from the sender's address and delivery to the address of the recipient, as well as assistance with customs clearance of documents for the cargo

Order pick up of your cargo from an address in any city in Russia or bring your cargo to our terminal. As soon as the cargo is sent, you will receive a notification with the number of the Forwarding Receipt, by which you can track the cargo. Tracking is available at all stages of transportation. Please indicate whether you need door-to-door delivery to the recipient, at the request.

Please inform us at the application stage if you do not have a customs broker and need an assistance with customs clearance of goods while crossing the border between Russia and Uzbekistan. We will need documents for your cargo: a contract of sale, specifications, waybill and invoice, universal transfer document (UPD), CMR - waybill

Payment for the service can be made at all stages of transportation starting from the moment cargo is received at the terminal and until the sender receives number of the Forwarding Receipt. Any party of the transportation procedure, including sender, recipient or customer, can pay for the service.

After the cargo arrives in Uzbekistan, it can be stored free of charge at the terminal for 3 days. You can order delivery to the address of the recipient at any stage of transportation by contacting our representative in Uzbekistan. We would like to draw your attention that the goods are delivered to the recipient only after receiving full payment for the services

Reasons to choose Asia-Kit
Affordable rates and broad geography

Consolidated cargo is significantly cheaper than directly renting a vehicle. Delivery to Uzbekistan is carried out from more than 250 cities of Russia

Official documents

We provide all necessary documents for transportation. We assist in customs clearance of goods

Personal manager

A personal manager in contact with you at all stages of transportation 


Cargo will be securely packed, insured and photographed. Cargo photos available in Personal Account

About the partner in the Russian Federation –
Transport Company KIT
3 000+
50 000
2 000 000+
Types of goods we carry between Uzbekistan and Russia

Carpets, home textiles, knitwear, cotton, denim, terry products

Building materials and furniture

Pipes, fittings, wood, paints and plastics, home and office furniture


Ready to use equipment and their spare parts, various equipment for factories and industrial enterprises, auto parts


Goods for children, products made of leather, glass, paper, rubber, household appliances and other commercial goods

Documents for sending cargo
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Delivery contract
  • Export declaration (EX1)
  • Technical description of the product
  • Certificate of Origin ST-1/ST-2
  • CMR – Bill of lading
  • Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate (if necessary)
  • Contract/contract of sale with appendices, supplements and specifications
  • Waybill, invoice (or universal transfer document- integrated delivery note)
  • Information about the contract (a unique number assigned by the bank to the contract over 6,000,000 rubles)
  • Payment for the goods from the buyer to the seller (payment order or bank statement, if a prepaid contract)
Sending goods to and from Russia and Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is among Russia's largest trading partners. Trade volüme between the countries as of the end of 2021, amounted to about $7 billion and continues to show growing trend. The Russian Federation actively purchases agricultural products, mining products, textile and machine engineering goods from the Central Asian republic. Energy carriers, metallurgical products, machines and much more are supplied in the opposite direction.

As a consequence of active trade between the countries, demand for transportation services is extremely high. Both industrial giants and representatives of small, medium-sized businesses are using international cargo transportation services as well as individuals. At the same time, logistics along the route varies in a number of specific points, therefore, high professionalism and responsibility are required from the transport company.

TC KIT performs cargo transportation from and to Moscow and Uzbekistan. Besides the Russian Federation the company has a wide network of terminals in neighbouring countries and beyond. It is present in more than 250 populated ares, including a representative office in Tashkent, the largest uzbek city.

Motor freight transportation. This delivery method is the most commonly used. Motor transport combines high speed, convenience and safety. Allows door to door transportation without additional overloads. Since the distance between Moscow and Tashkent is about 3,500 km, the transit time of a truck on the road is usually 7-8 days, not considering the time spent for border crossings and customs clearance.

According to current rules in Uzbekistan, the carrier has to provide information about the cargo he is carrying at the customs office. The documents issued by customs authorities must contain information about the nature of the cargo, its value and certificates confirming the safety. If necessary, TC KIT will assist you with customs clearance of goods. In addition to the delivery of goods, TC KIT provides a wide range of additional services such as completing consolidated cargo, rigging and handling operations, packaging, insurance, and etc.

Frequently asked questions

We carry out transportation of consolidated cargo from and to Russia and Uzbekistan only between legal entities and sole proprietorships.

Cost of the “Customs clearance” service starts from 7,000 rubles. It is calculated individually, based on the documents provided. Contact us through mail, attach the documents, and we will promptly calculate the cost for you.

There are restrictions on some categories of cargo sent to Uzbekistan. Please order a call at our website or call our representative in Russia or Uzbekistan for further details.

You can send ready to use equipments and spare parts for them, various machines for factories and industrial enterprises, auto parts, pipes, fittings, wood, paints and plastics, home and office furniture, ferrous metals and various types of products from him, goods for children, clothing and footwear, leather goods, glass, paper, rubber, household appliances and other commercial goods from Russia to Uzbekistan. Note! There are restrictions on some categories of cargo sent to Uzbekistan. Please order a call at our website or call our representative in Russia or Uzbekistan for further details.

You can send cargo to Andijan, Bukhara, Gulistan, Jizzakh, Karshi, Navoi, Namangan, Nukus, Samarkand, Termez, Fergana, Khiva. To find out the cost of transportation, use the order form on our website.

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